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Self-Directed Benefit PlanTM
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on Drugs, Dental, Vision, etc.
tax deduction On your next visit to the Dentist
tax deduction On Braces, Crowns, Bridges
tax deduction On Contact Lenses or Eyeglasses
tax deduction On Prescription Drugs
tax deduction On Chiropractor Services
tax deduction On any other Medical Expenses allowed under the Income Tax Act.

tax deduction By making these benefits a TAX DEDUCTIBLE BUSINESS EXPENSE, without having to buy an insurance plan.
  If you are like most self-employed people you are paying your medical and dental bills with after tax dollars. The Self-Directed Benefit Plan TM  allows you to pay with before tax dollars.

Payments to the
Self-Directed Benefit Plan TM  are deductible to your business, but a tax-free benefit to you (and your employees)!

tax deduction Your business designs and funds its own benefit plan and Bene-D-Duct takes care of the rest.
  Bene-D-Duct prepares the official documents, issues benefit cheques for valid medical expenditures, provides quarterly reports and receipts.

tax deduction You choose how much to spend!
  E.g. Eyeglasses - Buy expensive frames or cheap ones, or even have laser eye surgery performed!
  E.g. Dental - X-rays or check-ups as frequently as needed, orthodontics, crowns and bridges.
  E.g. Prescription Drugs - Generic or Name Brand, Prozac, Insulin, Imitrex, etc.!
tax deduction Integrate the Self-Directed Benefit Plan TM  with your spouse's plan!
  E.g. Suppose your spouse's plan pays only 80% of basic dental, then your plan should pay 20% of basic dental and 100% of major dental.

tax deduction No Medical Exams required!
  All medical conditions can be covered.

tax deduction No Deductibles, Maximums or Exclusions!
  100% of all medical expenses as specified in the Income Tax Act can be covered. Or use an annual maximum to control the costs of your employees.

tax deduction Your benefit cheques do not increase your family's net income!
  Not only do you save income tax, this plan may also reduce your CPP contributions or the claw-back of your Canada Child Tax Benefit or other government support programs.

tax deduction Get refund of unused portion of plan contribution!
  Unlike insurance premium, your contributions are fully accounted for and any excess can be used to reduce future contributions or be refunded.

How Do I Find Out More?
This web site has a good description of the Concepts behind what you have just read, as well, the Operational Details of how it will work.
A good starting point is to read
Overview and then click on the remaining buttons under Concepts , followed by the buttons under Operational Details . The buttons can be found at the right of every page, near the top.

At any time you may proceed to apply by clicking on
Plan Set Up . This allows you to submit your information online or download a paper application for mailing. No money needs to be sent at any time over the internet.

If you have any additional questions you can reach us by various means as described on the
Contact Us page.
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