Unlike insurance policies there are no pre-set contribution amounts. You determine how much to contribute each month!

Here is why Bene-D-Duct lets you decide how much to contribute.

Bene-D-Duct will issue a Reimbursement Cheque to you or an eligible employee only if sufficient funds are in your Accumulation Account . If there are insufficient funds then Bene-D-Duct will issue to you an Overdrawn Notice indicating the amount required to bring your Accumulation Account back in line. Once your new deposit has cleared through the banking system then Bene-D-Duct will issue the Reimbursement Cheque.

You are in better position to estimate the expected amount of Reimbursement Cheques of yourself and your employees, so we don't require any particular amount. All we do is monitor the balance of your Accumulation Account and issue to you an Overdrawn Notice as appropriate.

There are three suggested ways to determine your Contributions.

Click on the buttons below for more details.
Purely Self-Directed
Purely A Guess
Pseudo-Scientific Based on Averages
Future Adjustments
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Purely Self-Directed
You decide entirely what your Initial Contribution and ongoing Monthly Contributions should be.  Just remember to take into account the Administration Fees and applicable sales taxes.

Purely A Guess
How about:
small businesses Initial Contribution $200 for each employee covered
small businesses Monthly Contribution $60 for each single employee
  $110 for each employee with a spouse only
  $150 for each family with children

Pseudo-Scientific Based on Averages
If you wish you may use the average monthly cost of benefits per person (by age) suggested below.

Age Full Dental Full Drug Full
All Other
0-2 $0 $10 $0 $5 $15
3-12 $13 $5 $5 $3 $26
13-21 $18 $7 $5 $5 $35
22-44 $20 $10 $5 $8 $43
45-54 $20 $12 $5 $10 $47
55-64 $20 $15 $5 $15 $55
small businesses Monthly Contribution Add the cost for all individuals covered under your PHSP from the above table, and add any known monthly prescription drugs, or other large ongoing dental or medical expenses such as orthodontist's or chiropractor's bills. If you live in Ontario add 25% for administration and sales tax, or in the other provinces add 15% for administration.

small businesses Initial Contribution $200 plus one Monthly Contribution plus any large amount of benefits that are immediately going to be incurred.

Future Adjustments
At any time you may increase your Monthly Contribution or reduce it.

We suggest increasing your Monthly Contribution if
small businesses Your Accumulation Account balance is less than $150 per employee
small businesses You hire an additional employee
small businesses An existing employee marries or has a child , or
small businesses You are aware of larger medical expenses about to be incurred in the future.

We suggest reducing your Monthly Contribution if
small businesses Your Accumulation Account balance exceeds $400 per employee and all medical and dental expenses have been submitted to Bene-D-Duct and reimbursed
small businesses The number of eligible employees is reduced
small businesses An existing employee's family shrinks due to death, divorce or a child is no longer eligible, or
small businesses A previous ongoing medical or dental expense is no longer expected to continue.

DO NOT WORRY if you misjudge your Contributions!
small businesses Any excess balance in your Accumulation Account is specifically available for eligible benefits under your PHSP or ultimately as a refund
small businesses Any shortfall in your Accumulation Account will merely result in a short delay while you top-up the available funds and a small fee of $2.75 for an Overdrawn Notice.
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