Bene-D-Duct Administration Fees

Name of Fee Applicable For Amount Frequency Date Charged
Initial Contract Issuance $75.00 Once Only Effective Date of Contract
Monthly Service Plan 5 $5.75 Per Month Last Business Day of the Month
Service Plan 10 $8.25
Service Plan 15 $11.00
Service Plan 20 $14.25
Service Plan 30 $18.75
Percentage (applied to each contribution) Amount of Contribution
  Under $80.00
  Over $79.99
  Per Contribution Date of Deposit
Overdrawn Issuance of Overdrawn Notice $2.75 Per Notice Date of Notice
The Initial Fee is charged just once to initiate the contract and your PHSP.

The Monthly Fee is not charged per employee, rather it is a flat monthly fee determined by which Service Plan you are in. The more times you and/or your employees submit a batch of medical/dental receipts the higher your Service Plan will need to be. Basically the number of the Service Plan indicates the number of times that you and/or employees can submit a batch of claims to Bene-D-Duct during your fiscal period.

For example, Service Plan 10 means you and your employees are allowed to submit a combined total of 10 times (or a little less frequently than once per month). If it is more convenient to submit more frequently you may do so but you would be charged the higher Service Plan fee. Or correspondingly, if you are able to stockpile more receipts and submit them only 5 times per year then the Service Plan can be lowered. It's up to you how frequently receipts are submitted and what level your Monthly Fee is charged at.

Please note that there is no advantage in combining two employees' receipts into one submission since they will be counted as two separate Reimbursements anyway, as separate cheques need to be issued. Combining receipts from the same family is worthwhile since only one cheque is issued (to the employee whose family it is).

Percentage Fee is either 10% or 12% of any Contributions made, depending upon whether it is over or under $80. It is not charged on that portion of the Contribution that is used for Provincial Sales Tax, if applicable.

Overdrawn Fee is a small fee to offset the cost of notifying you that your Accumulation Account is overdrawn or would be overdrawn if all Reimbursement Cheques are issued. If you keep your Accumulation Account with a reasonable balance then you will never pay this fee.

These fees are subject to change upon 40 days notice to all existing customers.

An Example:
Suppose you are contributing $100 per month (excluding sales tax) and you are in Service Plan 5, which means you may only submit 5 batches of medical/dental receipts per year. Assume that your Accumulation Account is never overdrawn.

Therefore your on-going administration fees will be

10% of $100 plus $5.75 = $15.75 per month or 15.75% of your $100 contribution.

This is quite a bit lower than the tax withholding and CPP contributions charged by the governments if the same $100 per month is paid to you as taxable income.
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